Missing 'Collect the user's CC information’ Action

Today I noticed 'Collect the user’s CC information’ step is missing from Stripe plugin by Bubble. Has anyone else noticed it? Also, workflows where that step was previously part of just has ‘[missing…]’ step! Why is this? Has anything changed? The documentation still shows the missing action.

Hi @kenlaji

I just compared your Stripe actions with my Stripe actions. It’s like you’ve updated the plugin with the new version.

Thanks @JohnMark - Yes I just realised I had, without realising this step will be lost - and had pushed updates to live subsequently after other changes, breaking the payment workflow :tired_face: Most of our payments are subscription based - without storing a credit card, how can we create a subscription (Subscribe user to a plan)

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The option Subscribe user to a plan is asking for the credit card, right?

Will it? And save those card details?

Saved by Stripe, yes. You have access only 4 last digit and exp.

Ok thanks. That makes sense - is that in the SCA compliant version only or in both versions?

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Both I presumed.