Search for element name?

Hello Bubble,

I’m trying to track down on a “few” error codes i have on my app. However, it only shows the menu part of it when i press on the issue and not the actual object? Is there a way to “Navigate to element” or something? Most of the time it’s just a old element but i need to make sure – can i search for a element name? Takes forever to look around in the tables :frowning:

Just try to remember what you have deleted

No i mean i wan’t to show the element RepeatinGroup Menu copy?

Click “Reveal in the Elements tree” a few times to show it in the elements tree.


You can also search for any element here. Been a while since you last worked in Bubble?

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I can’t belive i have missed all this, thanks a lot!! life saver!

May be it’s time to read documentation :slight_smile:
This is basics :slight_smile:

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