Missing email sent from Bubble

We want to create “Sign in with Email Verification Code” on Bubble but have found that only half the time emails sent from Bubble actually get to the end user.

  1. Is there a bug with Bubble, or on my end? If it’s something I can fix, how?
  2. Is there another service I should be using to send emails that doesn’t have this problem?

Hello Aliana, I assume you are using Sendgrid and the default workflow actions, right?

I have read in several posts on this forum that Sendgrid is erratic with certain email providers, reaching spam or not even passing the first filter.

I am now using Postmark (highly recommended in the forum) and it really works great for me.

Agreeing to what @gonzalolluch said. Postmark is definitely the way to go.

My emails are not currently going out via postmark either