Missing kids APP

Hi Guys

i am trying to Build a Missing Person /Alert APP with basic functionalities, Lon in/post Picture of missing child/under the picture should be details of the missing person. allow geolocation.

2nd log in would a be a database of Johh Doe in hospitals / allow medical workers to post photos of John Doe by states/province. with details underneath. i am battling with basic tutorials at the moment

Learn how to build a simple todo app. It has all of the basics you need to know!

Todo APP ? is hat another platform ?

@nocodeventure suggestion is an excellent one. When choosing what Bubble instructional material to read/watch consider those that enable you to build a basic app where you create objects that you need to create, list, edit, delete, view, search, filter, etc. A basic to do app built in Bubble has all of that.

It will be a good stepping stone towards learning the basics for your app idea.

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