I need some help with Mixpanel

Hi there bubblers,

Is there any introduction video or documentation about using mixpanel from the very beginning, How to install the code script into your header etc or how to integrate it with bubble.

I can’t seem to find a beginners tutorial or anything similar about starting from scratch.

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You don’t need to integrate the code, it’s automatic when you install the plugin. So

  1. Install the plugin in your app
  2. enter your keys that mixpanel provides you with
  3. you can start using the mixpanel actions to record events in your workflows. See this https://bubble.io/reference#Plugins.mixpanel for details on the actions.
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Thanks @emmanuel,

1 more question, when setting up events with mixpanel, can you only choose iOS or Android? Does Mixpanel not support web analytics?

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Where do you choose this? Mixpanel works for everything, including web.

When I click set up and track event’s in the bottom left hand corner of the screen:

This then takes me to this screen:

I can’t see where to set up events for web analytics; Page views, Number of users etc.

Well they might have changed their interface, but you shouldn’t have to go through this anyway. have you done the steps in Bubble? Then, run a workflow that sends an event and it should work.

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The only steps I have done are Sign up to mix panel and then input my keys provided my mixpanel. I have tried running a workflow - "when Page is loaded and Current user is not logged in - send event to mixpanel - " I want to obviously record a page visit but cannot because I don’t know how to create events from the previous screen I showed you…

Well when you do this it should record events. Make sure you’re looking at the right project in mixpanel.

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@Emmanuel , I am looking at the right project in mixpanel - the problem is I don’t know how to create the events to record; see below

There is no events in the dropdown “events name”, how do I create them?

Just type something in the box.


Just chiming in here for anyone who wants to go beyond just the basics. As emmanuel mentioned, you can start by entering the keys from Mixpanel in the plugins section. You will then be able to configure to send events and even the user id (for people profiles). Some of the actions that Bubble supports are here: https://bubble.io/reference#Plugins.mixpanel

Small plug but if you need help improving your Mixpanel implementation or you’re struggling to understand the reports, you can watch a free video series that will cover everything you need to know about Mixpanel. These videos are geared towards beginners who are just getting started with Mixpanel.


Hi @emmanuel , are you saying we just have to type the absolute same event’s name that we created manually into Mixpanel ? Or only create an event into Bubble then Mixpanel will understand that as it is the same name, it is the same event ? I’ll try.

Hey, if you (or anyone else who knows) is still here:
Mixpanel provides only two keys, namely the Token and the API Secret. Bubble requests three these two and in addition something called “API Key”. Any idea what to enter for the third one? Should I just use the Token twice?


I’m having the exactly same issue here

@vovazk @apicedigital In Mixpanel, go to Personal Settings. Then, navigate to Projects and here you will find your Project token, API key, and API secret for each project.