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Mixpanel preventing groups from being displayed in Chrome or Edge

Hi all;

In my app, page 1 links to page 2.

On page 2, specific groups are displayed based on which link is selected on page 1.

When my link is simply “display this group” based on the link, the correct group is displayed on page 2 across all browsers.

However, when I add “send an event to mixpanel”, and/or “send user to mixpanel”, to the link, then the correct group DOES NOT display on page 2 in either of Chrome or MS Edge, but does display properly in Firefox.

When I remove the mixpanel events from the link, groups display properly across all browsers.

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions on what may be causing this?

Thanks for the help.

Maybe you should report a bug on this one.

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Thank you, will do…

However, when I put the mixpanel events after the “show group” action, then the group shows properly (at least in test mode) across all browsers.

Now I just have to wait and see if the event shows up in mixpanel.

Thank you for the assistance, much appreciated.