Has anyone done cross-browser testing on their Bubble app?

Wondering how consistent everything works across browsers. Has anyone dug into this? Any key takeaways?


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Pretty consistent with mainstream browsers (Chrome, FF, Safari), apart from one apparent issue with Safari, described in details here with no super-clean solution yet.

Another notable exception is IE\Edge, that sometimes applies random colors, and makes standard elements such as dropdowns, or scrollbars look horrible :slight_smile:

Also, the OS used affects how elements are looking like (Dropdowns, Scroll Bars).

There’s also an issue with retina displays, that sometimes makes the font size and icons look weird (too big, while looking ok on non-retina displays).

From functional standpoint - we did not see any differences in behaviour of workflows or any other logic within the applications (as it’s done on the server-side anyways).


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