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Mobile Menu - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Hey Bubblers,
yet another plugin from Zeroqode! :slight_smile:
Mobile Menu - This plugin allows you to create slideable mobile menu with various customization possibilities (like changing the menu opening effects, customizing font & background colors, setting profile picture, links & icons etc.

(Note that fade & zoom effects are only for left & right menu types)
Here is the plugin page:

Demo application for trying and testing this plugin:

and screenshots:

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Hey @levon! Have you guys ever thought about expanding on this plugin?

I think it would be awesome if this allowed more than links in the menu. There really isn’t a good solution to show available filters for a search page, and I would love to use this plugin to do so.

Possible elements could be sliders (pricing and distance, etc), checkboxes, radio buttons, search boxes, an “Apply” button. Lots of potential!

Hey Callen,
thanks for the suggestion, however at the moment we are buried with work on bug fixing, improving plugins and building new ones, this wouldn’t be high on our priority list I’m afraid.
Sorry about that

Here is a quick gif to demo the plugin

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No worries, thanks!

we have improved the plugin, here is an updated demo


This looks great @levon . Really high quality menu and fast loading. Awesome job. :slight_smile:

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Nice. A definite improvement over Bubble’s slide menu.

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Hello @levon
Sometimes the menu does not load, it is very random, so unreliable because my app navigation is based on it.

See the ‘missing element’ below :

How could I prevent the menu JS file not to be loaded ?

I saw that the JS file is sent throught AWS Cloudfront. The plugin author suggest using the free CDN, running with Cloudflare :

Hi @nicolas_dap

I recently discovered that putting all the plugins at the top of the page in priority makes them loaded first. No more items are missing for me. I hope it helps. I also use y= -50 to hide them.


Thanks @JohnMark . Nice tip.
@levon would you have anything to advice ? It’s an important issue you may have already encountered on other plugins.
@eve maybe you have some hints about this, as the JS file is delivered throught AWS CDN CloudFront ?

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Hello there @nicolas_dap, could you please show me the video how it should work when the error doesn’t occur.

It will help me to find a solution.

Thank you,

Sorry, what do you mean ? You ask a video showing when the menu works well ?..

Yes @nicolas_dap , cause as I understand this is random issue, and you are not able to predict when it appears, for making a video with the issue.
That why I asked for the video without issue, cause I have to understand your flow, to suggest you something.

Thank you,

all right, I’ll sent you a PM

how are we supposed to proceed to send you private information ?

Go to zerocode website forum :wink:

@ZeroqodeSupport I really MUST go to your forum to be able to talk with you ?

Hello @nicolas_dap

Sorry for the trouble, however you could use our contacts, like Forum ( as suggested by @JohnMark ; also we provide support through Intercom here ( or use support mail ([email protected]) to send the support inquiry and our team will be in touch shortly.
Also tag us on this forum so we could be back asap.
Thanks for understanding.

Kind Regards,
Zeroqode Team.

Ok, on your forum, who should I write to ?