Mobile page vs using resolution rules

Hi community,

Can anyone share technically how mobile pages work. I have started working on a mobile version (not native) of my index page, and I am wondering what trigger causes mobile page to be displayed.

Is it based on screen resolution at the time of page load, or is there a way that bubble knows that a mobile device is being used - if the latter, which devices are considered ‘mobile’?

THanks in advance,

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Hi Andrew.

Have you ever gotten an answer? I am interested to know the same so I know how far down I have to scale my main site in responsive before it switches to mobile view.

Thank you.

Hi Rico,

Unfortunately I never got a satisfactory response to this.

What I have realised though is that the ‘mobile’ version is invoked when a mobile device is detected (as opposed to a starting screen resolution being a certain size).

Over time I have also become more comfortable / successful with using Bubbles responsive rules, particularly this gang:

As a result it is very rarely that I’ve needed to create a separate mobile page.

Good luck and shout if there are any specific examples you need a hand with.


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Thank you Andrew, so my tablet is not recognized as a mobile device, must be just phones then.

Yes, responsive is good but I will try to create an app from the same database so I think the mobile page is way to go. All the best and happy bubbling :slight_smile: