Show page based on page width or device info?

I am facing a challenge with my different page set up. I have one page for my desktop app and another one for my mobile. Although I checked “this page is a native app” it seems to have problems when opening with iPad cause it then shows the desktop page. For mobile devices it works fine.

Is there a better way to trigger the mobile page e.g. based on page width or device info?

Thanks for helping out.

Why not to use bubble new responsive engine? Use responsive breakpoints and built for any screen size pretty easily

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The mobile version is design slightly different. Menues are different, there is a navbar etc. Back than I set it all up in a second page. Now I wrapped it for the appstore and run into that problem.

So I now set up a condition “page is loaded and current page width <= 1024” go to mobile page. that worked if the user is loggin in or registering. But it does not work nice when the user just opens the app and the page is loading again. Cause it initial want to load the index(desktop) page, shows it and then moves to mobile (because of the codition based on page load).

My dirty solution on this: hide content of the index page when page width is <= 1024 so there is just the background during the time the app loads the mobile app. Any idea for a better process on this?

It seems like you are not doing the responsive conditions correctly. Don’t do the resizing in page load. Do that in the elements’ conditions.
Check out this video.

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