Redirecting to native app when open on mobile

Im creating two apps, one for web and another for mobile on different pages. I didn’t went the way of using responsive mode in order to adapt it to mobile since i would need to resize text and change even more elements wich is quite hard under the current responsive engine. So pretty much once i finished my wepapp i copied the page and reordered everything to fit mobile screens (i know that if i need to change anhting i would need to do it on both pages but im willing to do that).

My question is: Is there a way for bubble to recognize that the app is being open on a mobile device so it gets redirected it to mobile page?

I will say, it will save you a ton of time if you learn the responsive engine to only have one page. Otherwise, if anything happens or you want to change it, you have to change it or fix it in 2 places.

That being said, depending on how your navigation works, however you get to that page can be decided based on the current page width. So if you click on a button you can have 2 workflows.

1 go to Desktop Page when condition Current Page Width >740.

2 go to Mobile Page when condition Current Page Width<740.

Or, a workflow that When Current Page is loaded AND Cureent Page Width <740, Go to Mobile Page.

Hope that makes sense.

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Hey this is it!
I kinda understand how responsive works my limitation was that i couldn’t find how to resize text to match a mobile device but you now gave me the idea to condition text to resize based on the page width wich i didn’t think about it before.

Thanks a lot

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