Zapier to Bubble (Zapier web hook?)

Hey Bubble Forum,

I am trying to create a thing from Zapier to bubble, however the most important field isn’t text, its something you have to search for.

Can anyone think of a way that I can do this. I am able to do an api call, but I am not as good doing that from the Zapier.

What I was thinking if I can’t get Zapier to create the thing is to run a backend workflow, but I dont really know how to do all of that in Zapier.

Let me know what would be easiest and if anyone can suggest how to do it.

Here is a video showing how: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thank you!

For the searchable field, have you tried entering that specific value’s Unique ID instead of the text into the Zapier field?

I’m not familiar with Zapier so just a shot in the dark here.

I haven’t thought of that. Do you think that doing that would complete the connection?

well lets see.

It worked!!! ahaha… @lantzgould You are a genius!


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