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Modifying an existing thing

Hello there. I am brand new to Bubble and am having some difficulty with a repeating group. A user clicks a button within the repeating group to launch a popup, which contains a slider for them to input a numerical range. A submit button runs a workflow to "Make changes to a thing, which is intended to fill in the rest of the data that hadn’t previously been filled in.

The system keeps recommending that I search for that Thing’s " :first item" and then allows me identify that I want the value to be the slider’s value that was just input. Unfortunately, when I try click the button on the next “row” within the repeating group, changes the value of the item in the first row, rather than the next “row” that I’m working on. I get that it’s having me choose “:first item”, but none of the other options that I can see allow me to specify that the value is coming from the slider. Thoughts? (thank you for your patience… there’s probably an easy answer)

Hi there, @isaacdbrown1… it sounds like you aren’t displaying the right (or any) data in the popup via the workflow that opens the popup. This exact question came up yesterday, and if I understand your post correctly, this thread should help you out.


Hi Mike, thank you for responding. I’ll take a look and see if this has what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m using a slider in the popup to input data, but not necessarily trying to view data in the popup, so my issue might be different… not sure. This is my first time trying this :slight_smile:


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