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Difficulty Transferring Data Source from Current Cell (in repeating group) to a Popup

I am currently building an online tutoring marketplace and am having trouble allowing students to book sessions/send emails through the site.

To create the tutor listings page, I am using a repeating group with the data source “listing” in each cell, which contains information like the tutor’s first name, profile picture, rate, subjects they teach, etc.

Here’s what the site looks like right now:

So far so good - the current cells are displaying the info I want it to.

I want it so that when a student clicks the button “book now”, a popup appears that allows them to send an email to the tutor, but the popup is not taking data from the current cell for some reason. I’ve tried a plethora of tutorials and can’t understand what’s going wrong.

For example, my popup in development looks like this

But then when I preview it, the data source does not appear on my popup

This is despite the fact that my data sources in my repeating group and popup are consistent with tutorials I’ve watched. Here are some images of them in development, respectively:

What can I do to fix this issue? If you’d like more clarification, please let me know and I can provide it.

Thank you so much.

Are you sure you’re sending the data to the popup correctly?

A screenshot of your workflows would help to identify the issue.

Either that or it’s a privacy rules issue. You can check in the debugger to see if the popup contains any data. That’s probably the first thing to do.

That’s assuming you actually have the data in your database to begin with.

Without knowing more I can’t be any more specific, so feel free to share more info here…

Didn’t you forget using Show data in popup workflow action?

Hi Adam,

Here are some of the screenshots.

I think the problem lies somewhere in the last 2 photos. I can’t find what to put as the data source in the popup section for it to work.

Leave the data source in the popup blank

Add another step after your show popup action which will be ‘display data’, choose the popup and set it to 'current cell’s listing.


You need to ‘send’ the data from the RG cell to the Popup.

Currently you’re missing that crucial step.

So in your workflow, after the Show Popup action, you need to add another step ‘Display Data’, then select the popup. Then set the data to display to be the current cell’s listing.

Thank you so much! This fixed the problem :slight_smile:

Thank you! I implemented this and it works now :slight_smile:

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