Editing an item from a repeating group in a popup

Hi Bubblers
I am creating my first Bubble app and mostly I am doing fine, but I have run into a problem that I cannot solve even though it seems simple.

  • I have a list of companies with a few fields in a repeating group.
  • For each of the companies I have an edit icon placed within the repeating group.
  • When I click the icon I can see the repeating group, but only the first, last etc. in the list of companies, not the one where I clicked the icon.
  • If I use first / last it works fine. I get it displayed in my popup and when I save, the database is updated.
    And now to my question: How do I get the company from the group element that contains the icon?
    Thank you very much for helping me out,
    Kindly, Ole

Hi there, @oer… if I understand your post correctly, you are trying to let a user click an icon associated with any company in a repeating group, and you want the user to be able to edit that company’s data in a popup that appears when the icon is clicked. If that is correct, you should be able to accomplish that by having a workflow action in your icon workflow that displays data in the popup (the action is literally called Display data), and the data to display is the current cell’s (or possibly parent group’s) company. Does that make sense?

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike
Thanks for your reply :+1:
You are absolutely right and I have the workflow set up and working with :first and :last
What I cannot figure out is how I reference the current cell - the one in which the icon and company I want to edit is placed.
It does not show up in the expression builder it seems.
Kindly, Ole

Unless I am missing something, you shouldn’t have to use :first or :last anywhere on this one. Can you share some screenshots or a read-only link to your editor?

:first and :last are only to check if everything else works. No real use for those.
But is there a way to reference current cell?
I don’t know how to share the app :upside_down_face:

You should be able to reference the current cell in the Display data workflow action. To share a link to your editor, go to Settings >> General, change Application rights to Everyone can view, and copy the URL to any page in the editor (preferably the page where the repeating group is) and paste the link here.

For reference, it could look something like this.

Note that the popup’s Type of content should be set to Company.

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I have shared: SmartsheetOne | Bubble Editor

In the edit dialog for the popup, remove the data source. In the workflow for the icon, delete step 1 and then add the step I showed in my screenshot.

Will do …

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I noticed you removed the Type of content for the popup, too. Set that back to Company, and leave the data source blank.

It looks like you also removed the step in the workflow that shows the popup. You will need to add that step back in.

You will need to set your data to display as the Parent group's Company.

Edit: it looks like it’s working now.

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Hi Mike

It works like a charm - thank you VERY much for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

If you come to Denmark I owe you a beer :smile:

Kindly Ole

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