Modifying an item in a list of thing wich is a field

Hello everyone,

I have a problem, and wonder if anyone has the same, or can help me !
So, I have a User, with a list of Trophy, which I would like to be able to modify one field of one item of the current user when actions are done.

I tried to search for similar topics, but didn’t find any, so apologies if the issue was already resolved !

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It’s not clear what you’re asking…

You want to modify a field on a specific Trophy?

Does each trophy belong only to 1 specific User? Or can the same Trophy be shared by multiple Users?

Sorry I wasn’t clear.
There’s Trophy shared by User’s, but each user has different advancement, so the intel is stored in each User. What I want to do is to change the field that represent advancement in one trophy, for a specific (current) user
Is it clearer ? I admit that I am not very clear about it myself so, it’s kinda harsh to explain…

I think I understand yes…

So in that case you’ll need to have 3 datatypes:

  1. Your User datatype
  2. Your Trophy Datatype
  3. A datatype to connect a User to a trophy (user/trophy)

Your ‘Trophy’ datatype will contain data about the particular trophy (such as the name of the trophy, and perhaps what it’s for etc.)

Your ‘user/trophy’ datatype will contain a field for ‘User’, a field for ‘Trophy’, and any other additional fields that are specific to that user’s award of that particular trophy (such as date awarded, location awarded, etc.)

Your User datatype can have a List field of ‘user/trophies’, so you can access the trophies awarded (and all the related details) directly from the User record.

I see…
So, I was missing a data type to link both, I tried to make a list of trophy directly under the user !
Thanks a lot, I think I will manage from there !

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