Month Long Job - Developer Wanted

Hey Forum,

I am looking for a full-time developer for a month to complete a project I have already started. I have tried other services and agencies, and they can’t provide what they offer in their ad. Does anyone want to work for a month on a project with me? I am willing to pay, but I am not willing to pay the typical $180 per hour for this.

Its pretty straightforward as I have documents and looms videos showing what I need. Does anyone have interest in this.

I do have a budget in mind for this and would like to keep close to that budget. If you are interested, please shoot me a message.

I hope to hear from someone soon.

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I really hope someone responds to this :slight_smile: ahah!

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I cant help you here but wish you luck!

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I can’t help, either, but I will bump you to the top of the stack for a hot minute with a funny (to me, at least) observation. Only in the no-code world could an integrated, Quickbooks knock-off that “wouldn’t be that hard” to build because there is a tutorial for it be listed fourth on a project that “isn’t complicated.” I can only imagine what a traditional development shop would quote for just that part of the project. Gotta love no-code!

Best of luck, Benjamin!



Hi Ryan!

We are team of Bubble experts and we can complete all this tasks in approximately 20 days.

And we give 1 week trial opportunity for our new partners.

Please, text me by email and we’ll schedule a Zoom Meeting. We will discuss your project and I’ll tell you more about us.

[email protected]

Does anyone have any interest in this?

Hey Ben, can you share the documents and Loom videos showing what you need so I know if I can help you?
All the best,