[Product enhancement] Updated template marketplace with new categories and better sorting!

Hi everyone,

I’m Grace, the Product Manager at Bubble leading the team supporting our Bubble ecosystem. I’m excited to share that we’ve just released a revamp to our templates marketplace to make it easier for users to find their desired template and for creators to become more discoverable.

In this redesign, you can now more quickly filter by price, experience, and category. We’ve added a few popular categories including: AI, SaaS, Chat, Real Estate, Booking, Finance, and Mobile. You can also sort by: most installed, highest rated, price (high to low), price (low to high), newest, and oldest.



Check out the new templates marketplace here!

If you’re a template creator, you can update your templates to these new categories anytime.


Thanks a lot. Much better!!!

@grace.hong why is there a $500 price limit on the templates? Its really difficult to make really high quality templates at that price point…


There is light bug when scrolling inside the RG of templates.
When I leave the area with the cursor it sets it up to top. A little bit weird.
Browser: Safari on MacOS

Couldn’t agree more. 70% the templates on the marketplace are junk already and the management of them is really bad. I can imagine bubble has lost good amount of potential clients because of bad marketplace management and new clients getting templates that are just thrown together with awful optimization and missing/unfunctional features for profit.

At the $500 price point you’re just going to encourage more of those type of behaviors.

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My pet peeve is paid templates with no privacy rules marketed as ready to go :confused: It would be really nice if there was an objective template grade that Bubble assigns to templates based on how it’s set up / maintainable / secure etc but I do understand the challenges of implementing such a system. This is a good update though.


Hi, jumping in to respond :slight_smile: We hear you – this project aimed to make templates more easily discoverable, but we do have an upcoming project to address template quality, where we plan on addressing the feedback you’ve mentioned!


No idea if allowing higher maximum would solve this. I havn’t run a marketplace myself. But I was just curious. That 500 dollar limit is preventing me for releasing high quality templates myself.

Already really happy that Bubble is actively improving the marketplace!


Beautiful! We appreciate these little things


@grace.hong the pricing is one area to update as is a sound refund policy that is designed to protect the IP of the developer.

note the dropdown has wrong text/background colour making options unreadable except if you hover.
how do you ship this and announce this and noone notices this?


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Possibly an issue with your browser theme

for me its on firefox, edge, brave and chrome. (am a silly windows user)

Hello @grace.hong

Thank you for small improvements here and there regarding to marketplace.

Quick question when will the marketplace open worldwide so all the developers can “sell” templates not just release them?

Currently pretty much only being a US developer/publisher benefits from being a seller (yeah, yeah it’s all about Stripe I know) on the marketplace (either templates or plugins) but other 150+ countries as well would like to be able to have the option to sell their product/idea through the marketplace and receive the payout directly. Maybe adding other options that work globally for payouts to get paid as sellers, now this - would be a great feature for the marketplace.