More Responsive Widths/ Custom with capability

Dear Bubble,

Would it be possible to allow for more height and width settings in the responsive section of apps(currently there are only 4)? That correspond to all current devices? So for example there’s a list of settings that include iPhone 4, 5, 6, Galaxy, etc?

If this gets cumbersome is there a way to allow for presets that we can custom build and save so I can just click through the screens sizes I want to test.

You can drag the little ruler on the responsive tab to see whatever size you would like. Also you could use sites like to view your site on any size. you just need to go to your sites settings and set to allow iframes.

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Thanks for that @lockymadera! However, I was already aware of this. I guess my inquiry has to do with presets that can be set. That way I don’t have to drag something to a customized width every project. Any thoughts? Thanks again!

hmm… only thing I could think of is maybe creating another app in that has a page only for testing responsiveness?

You would place your website in an iframe and change the width of the iframe and content within it accordingly?

This would allow you to set presets although it would require setting up another app and working on that for a little while which I can only assume isn’t ideal.