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[SOLVED] Custom states are not universally available

So I`m fairly new to Custom States, so it could just be me but I’m not able to access a newly created Custom State in other areas of Bubble (Conditions tab, Set state in workflows).

Here you can see the newly created “ACTIVECHART” custom state:

Though when I try to access/set the same custom state elsewhere, it is nowhere to be seen:

Here is the Conditional tab, where it is also missing from:

I’ve also been having some weird issues with being unable to delete custom states, like they get stuck in the system. I’ve logged out and back in, completely rebooted, finally I switched computers and I was finally able to delete custom states.

It’s funny that as I’m trying to learn about custom states it’s possibly misbehaving and I’m stuck not knowing if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a bug?

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

In the first screenshot, you are setting a custom state on the element Chart 1 Drums.
In the second screenshot, you are setting a custom state on the element Chart 2 mix.

A custom state can only belong to one element, it’s not something thats shared between elements.
Without knowing what you are trying to achieve, I’m not sure how to help further. :slight_smile:


OMG. I totally understand it now. Your explaination was all it took!

Sorry for doubting you Bubble!

Thanks @pnodseth!


Indeed! Bubble support is awesome.

Another tip, if the custom state logically applies to more than one element, the page itself is considered an element and can have custom states too.


Awesome, would you mind expanding on this? For example, if we wanted to use a header page that had only a navigation bar for the navigation menu of another page (i.e. Home Page)…how would we go about using custom states so that “my profile”, “my postings”, and “my settings” in the navigation bar (i.e. the header page) all had different states that would affect what shows up on the home page? Can the states that are defined in the header page be utilized from the Home Page workflow?

Here’s how I recommend approaching this:

Use the header as the place to save state. Put buttons to my profile, my positings, my settings, etc. in the header. Have the buttons change the states on the header, and have those state changes trigger popups to display that content (or link to another page if those pieces of content are full pages).

This way, if you have a link on a page somewhere, you can also have it change the state in the header (even though it’s on the page) and that will trigger the popup (from the header) to open.

It also means you don’t need to put popups on each page, since they’re already accessible from the header if you event want to access them.

Yes this will work. The only downside is pages having some content they don’t use, i.e. bigger to load, as whatever is in the reusable element gets copied to the page it is used in.

I have the header, which is a navigation bar for profile, my settings, my postings,…and was able to trigger custom states from the header to perform various hide/show workflows for the native app. Amazing! I also refered to @NigelG post regarding custom states. Thanks for all the help guys!