Most reliable chart plugin? (Apex vs. Chart.js) + Interesting Find

I use the Chart Element plugin built by bubble. It’s extremely reliable, supported by bubble, and very fast on page load.

But, it’s not that good looking.

ApexCharts & Chart.js are both open source libraries which most chart plugins are built on.

Interesting Find:
In Bubble’s chart element plugin, the documentation link goes here, which is Chart.js detail in bubble’s docs. Why?

Why would bubble have documentation on Chart.js? Is this the most reliable option? Is bubble building a plugin?

Does the Chart.js library work better w/ bubble?

The Bubble chart element is based on Chart.js. I only use it for admin panels but the second anything needs to be displayed to a customer I use one of the paid chart plugins. Take your pick, they’re more or less the same. Included support differs between plugins though.


update: is bubble releasing a chart.js plugin?

They have it listed as a bubble made plugin?

thanks! is your user facing chart based on Apex or chart.js’s library?

I’ve unfortunately found performance issues with some of the paid plugins. I wish they were as reliable as bubble’s built plugin.

Chart speed and reliability is most important.

This is the difference!