Move db from bubble to external one

Hey guys,

Since bubble is unable to provide the needed performance at this time, I am trying to make a … hybrid app. Probably the most hybrid of them all.
I want to redesign almost the entire app, in native code for iOS and Android. But there is a page that is hard to remake it now and it will take a lot of time.
My thought were to create everything native, and move the bubble database to mysql or other external db, from which I will pull the data right into my native app.
The only page that will remain on bubble will be loaded in something similar to iFrame until I will remake that in native also.
Is this doable?
I love bubble… but I can’t wait 10 seconds to load a single page…and can’t afford a dedicated server to PREPAY for 12 months… I’m a start-up not a guru. Hopefully bubble will fix this in the near future, I have more apps to build here. Can’t wait! :slight_smile: