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Moving elements on a page when a Group is hidden

Hi there

I am building an Order Management App and one of the dropdown fields on the new order form is ‘Delivery Method’. There are two options: Pickup in store and Deliver to customer.

Here’s how the page looks:

If a user selects the ‘Deliver to customer’ option, I want to display the address related fields so they can input the delivery address. If they select the ‘Pickup in store’ option, I want to hide those fields as they’re not needed.

I know I can do this pretty easily by making them a Group and then showing or hiding the group, but the problem I’m running into is that when the fields are hidden there is whole bunch of white space on the page, and it looks like something has gone wrong.

Is it possible to move elements (I.e. the Next button) up and down the page based on whether the address fields are showing or not?

I’ve looked around every forum article I could find to try to solve this, so hoping someone can help me.


There is an option to Collapse height when hidden on the bottom of the group property editor;


Thanks so much @DaveA

This worked perfectly.

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