Moving users from Bubble to traditional coded app


I am planning to build an MVP in Bubble. However, I am am worried that if in the future I want to re build my app using traditional coding I would not be able to export the users from Bubble.

I know that Bubble allows to export the user created content, what I am not sure is if Bubble allows us to export users login information (usernames or emails, passwords). I don’t want my Bubble users to have to create their accounts again if I re build the app using traditional coding.

Anybody knows if Bubble offers a solution to export the user login information so that users don’t have to create their accounts again if I move out from Bubble?


I created a manual login solution that doesnt use the user/pass of bubble. I store my own hash.

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You can export your users info (except passwords) anytime:


Bubble will prepare a CSV file and email you a download link

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Without passwords users won’t be able to log in to their accounts if I move out from Bubble, won’t they?

You can trigger a password reset when they try to log in. It’s general functionality that can be used within most traditional frameworks.

p.s. Bubble is here to stay. It’s only getting better.


I was thinking about doing that, how do you handle account workflows & expressions though?