Multi-country localization

Hello there!

I’m moving forward in business and I want to have a platform, ready to expand to other countries. The thing is that it’s about insurance (I have a insurance broker agency), so it has nothing to be from one country to another. So, I want to make sure I’m doing the best user experience while I make sure I dont mix one country insurance carriers with others, and so on

How would you make sure about this? After reading many threads about this, I have this idea, just agree or disagree with a better plan if you do have!

  1. Add a field in user thing table, called “country_user”
  2. Add workflows depending on browsers data, and IP to assign a country to that User
  3. Just add a field in every table called “country” and add a constraint for every workflow based on that user country.

Think this could work? I want to avoid having a problem ahead and having to re-think the whole thing…

Thanks in advance!

I think you will find your answer from the News letter of Gaby @romanmg
Talk about API.

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