Multi-file uploader dropzone plugin

if I take 2 or 3 pictures with my phone, they are all named image.jpg. is it possible to add something to the workflow or settings somewhere that would give each image a unique name? I am not super fussy about the naming convention, as long as each image has a unique name, to make it easier to recognize, add, and delete images later.

thanks for this fabulous plugin and for any help with using it!

Not sure if this is the only solution. What we did is create a Thing (table) called Media. In that table we have a field called Name. This name is created by the user, or automatically created as a placeholder via a workflow. The image is a field in that table. We never use the actual file name stored on the server as a “name”. This allows for duplicate file names without any conflict.

I appreciate the input. not what I was hoping for, but as great as the plugin is, I think that it may not have the flexibility that I was hoping for.