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Hi Bubblers!

To give you some context, I spent some time with @Jici on the following topic [Issue with a Custom State to a Filter RG] to figure out how to implement a multi-select filtering system on my app, which was really helpful but still limited. Visitors have to select the first filter to get access to the others.

Having conducted a dozen user interviews on my MVP, I now understand better their needs and what they want to achieve. So, revamping the filtering system to make it more suited with their needs is my first priority.

After having spent well too many hours trying to figure it out by myself, I’m now relying on the kind Bubble community to help me with this challenge.

The app: Piplette (currently called Project Lumos) is a directory of ethical brands (

The brands: I’m curating brands based on strict specifications. A brands could be categorised in multiple categories (Cosmetics, House, Clothes, Toys), same for the subcategories (there are many), targets (Women, Men, Children, Babies), and origin (French brands, Made in France, Made in Europe).

The need: Being able to filter the brands by selecting multiple categories/subcategories/targets/origins (4 main filters) to showcase only corresponding brands.

If you have any questions regarding the database structure, I would be happy to share more details with you.

I think you share make your app in public view mode so we can see how you have set DB and filtering.
Actually, I see no reason to not show all Filters instead of need to select one to show more. It’s probably more on how you have set conditionnal or DB related to this.

Hi Jici! Thanks for being back on the ship to help me.
How do you share something in public?
It would be helpful if I give you some kind of access directly to the app.
If you send me your email I can manage to add you to the collaborators directly.

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