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Multistep form workflow


I am just starting here with bubble, I have a basic question, how do you hide let’s say Pop Up 1 and show Pop Up 2 with the goal of creating a multistep form?

I am wondering if someone can share a workflow for this or give me some pointers


Have a button on popup 1 with a workflow that closes the popup 1, shows popup 2 and then sends data to it.

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Many ways you can do this. As mentioned you can put Show and Hides in the workflows.

Another way is to use Groups instead of popups and make them Not Visible on page load (uncheck the checkbox)
Then you would use either Custom States or Parameters as well as Conditionals on the Groups themselves to appear when a condition is true. The Show and Hide method is easier if you are unfamiliar with Custom States and Conditionals, but if you want to learn about these they can be powerful and depending on the exact User Experience you want they can be easier to use

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Thanks!I was trying that in the begging but wasn’t giving me the option, I was duplicate the reusable elements in the wrong way.

Thanks Andrew!!

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