Multi-Vendor Marketplace Order Processing + Fulfilment

Hello –

I have searched the forum for something on this but have not found it. I am creating a multi-vendor marketplace similar to if Pinterest had a better shop function and processed payments, but only for furniture + home decor.

I have Users (buyers) and Brands (Sellers)

I have two questions on payment and order processing:

  1. I plan to use Stripe Connect to process user payments and brand payouts. How/when should I payout brands? Immediately or should I hold payment for a period of time until the order has shipped?

  2. What is the best way to pass order information to brands? I plan to create a data type and workflow for β€œOrder” to house each transaction, but users can place orders for different brands in one transaction. Do I Create a dashboard within Bubble for brands and they have to mark orders as shipped before receiving payment, or is there a plugin/integration you would recommend for automating store integration/fulfillment.

I would appreciate any and all replies or tips on building a multi-vendor marketplace! Thank you!

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I’m trying to build a multi-vendor marketplace as well so maybe we can help each other! Mine is for a specific niche that requires some customized solutions so it will be a little different than most.

  1. I think either way is possible, but my opinion is that paying the brands immediately is the best option because Stripe allows you to split the payment and take a commission. You can create a review system to give the buyers more security that they will receive the product from the vendor.

  2. I’m working on this part of my marketplace now. My current plan is to create a dashboard for the vendors, but if your vendors are selling the same products on multiple marketplaces in addition to yours, they might prefer an integration with something like ShipStation. It might be best to reach out to a couple of potential vendors and just ask them about how they run their business and what kind of solution would work best for them.

@JordanD Thanks so much for your reply!

  1. I agree! Have you tested Stripe splitting payments to multiple vendors within one transaction? E.g. if a user order 5 products from 3 vendors - Stripe will payout each seller and take a commission on each sale?

  2. I would love to integrate with Shipstation. I am familiar with it from other ecomm experience. I can use Zapier to do this. Do you have more of an idea of how this would work? I.e. Would I be able to create orders directly or would it work like Stripe Connect where each brand would connect their own Shipstation account?


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