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Adding several tags to thing

Thanks for this wonderful platform. It’s helping me a lot to put together what I want. Keep up the good work!

I’m trying to create a form where users can create a thing (a product), in a very similar fashion as the “create apartment” video in the documentation. One of the differences with my project, is I would like the user to submit tags to her created product (I later plan to retrieve products that match searches on those tags, sorted by numer of tags matched). Each product is almost surely multitag, so I was thinking of using a multiline input box, and tell users to separate tags by either comma or semicolon (which one should I use?).

In the workflow I could give the instruction to save it as a text list, but I’m not clear how it saves it in the database, and how I should perform the search to retrieve it.

Any guidance will be highly appreciated!

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The way I would do it is a field that is a list of text, and then have one input and a ‘add’ button that adds each tag one by one. not sure a multiline input where people have to type a comma is a great UX

Ideally with tags you would enable some sort of autocomplete so that users don’t add too many variations of what is essentially the same tag (e.g., “strawberry”, “strawberries”, “strawbeery”).

UX-wise, allowing user to type and press ENTER key is good as an alternative to the button. If user does enter multiple terms separated by commas, that would ideally create multiple individual tags (that’s how it works in Wordpress, for example). If there is no way to enable that, then ideally you would disable commas, semi-colons, etc. from the input field so that users don’t end up submitting a single tag like “strawberry, sweet, healthy” when they expected each to be submitted as an individual tag, and then they’ll need to fuss around trying to delete and re-submit them individually.

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The text box entry with autocomplete is do-able. I tried this several ways but nothing really was that elegant.

The “best” way (for me) would be to enable text extraction from a string.

#great #way #thatpeopleknow

But it gets difficult with the autocomplete.

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Yes, it’s a new feature request actually

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So it can be done?

Any updates here by chance for the tagging functionality? Thanks!

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Not yet. We’ll look at hashtags first, but not clear timeline on this yet.


Thanks for the update, @emmanuel. We’ll keep staying tuned.

User mentioning (like in @emmanuel ) is coming earlier or after all those?

Hopefully at the same time

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Hi guys, I have a similar need, but I was thinking of doing it differently.
What I would like to do is allow the member to click on words (stored in the database), when reviewing a place so that it can be added to the place in question.

I have a thing named Review, which contains:
Name (text)
Value (yes/no)

and a thing “Place” which contains different fields, including a list of reviews.

I struggle to make it work. I can’t figure out how to save a word that has been clicked by the user and add it to the Place. I think my setups are wrong, I would be grateful if you one of you can take a look and let me know how i should proceed (if do-able).

Small precision, I need to count each time a user has clicked on a word in its review, and eventually my goal is to use these words as filter…
Here is the link:

Many thanks for you support.

You have made life a little difficult for yourself by creating a temporary list “on the page” when you are selecting the reviews, rather than save them to the database as you click. So you are saving on “Submit review” I think.

This means we have to create this temporary table of selections. And it takes a bit of work…

However, I have made a few changes to your page, so that selected words now bold, and are added to a custom state. This temporary list is then the thing that is stored when you click to Save Review.

It doesn’t do the count, and you can’t “deselect” something.

But I think that is how to do it.


Thank you Nigel.
Actually I was not really sure how to “play” with the custom state, but I think I get it now and it was indeed my goal to save the words only once the button “submit a review” is clicked.

So in theory, if I follow the way you did it, and add the relevant actions, i should be able to do the “count” as well as the “deselect”, correct? I’ll look into into it and revert if I struggle.

Thanks again!!

The count function is going to be interesting, but I think it should be possible.

As you now have a list (as a custom state) you can “make changes to a list” and update the count for all the selected words.

Just wanted to check if any progress has been made on the ability to search for multiple tags with auto complete?


We haven’t had time to make progress on this.

Hi there, I have tried several ways but I am still struggling to figure out how to do it… I am even wondering if this is the most appropriate way of doing it. (If not please let me know)

For reminder, what I am trying to achieve is as follows:

I want the users to be able to review places. One user can review only one time a given place.

  1. The user clicks on the pencil icone and a popup opens up showing a list of words
  2. The user can select up to 3 words out of a list.
  3. A review is saved when the button “save” is clicked. It should save the words (up to 3 words max) along with a count+1

When a review has been saved, 2 possible behaviors:

  1. The word is selected for the first time, it saves it and do a count + 1
  2. If the word has already been selected in previous reviews by other users, it should increment the current count of the chosen words by 1

Eventually, I want to be able to show for instance, the 2 most selected words for a given place, or use these words as filter to show only the place associated to a given word.

I am struggling to save properly the list or words which comes from the custom state and link it to the place that is being reviewed… if anyone can help me with that, that would be of great help as this is my “major blocking point” to make progress with my app. Thanks a lot!

I have rebuilt a clean version of it so you can take a look or update:

What happened to the feature request page? I can’t seem to find it.

So your data goes …

which has a list of

Then you want each review to have up to 3 words ? Although really you want the ALL the words for ALL the reviews to be counted up.

So … Bar 1. has no review.

Someone reviews RED BLUE GREEN

We then want to store RED(1) BLUE(1) GREEN(1)

Then someone else review RED

We then want to store RED(2) and we already have BLUE(1) GREEN(1)

Do you want to keep the individual review words together ?