Multidropdown default value in repeating group

Hi there,

I have a multdropdown in a repeating group. It sort of works. I go to save it and it puts data into the table, but I can’t set a default value.
All of the other fields in the RG work. Here is an example one.


Now, the multidropdown one…

It is in the same RG as the other fields. It work, puts data into the table, but won’t pull it up on a load.

Any ideas?
Thank you.

I should add that when I save, I just store the value of the RG Multidropdown into the field and it looks like A,B,C,D,…
Maybe there is something I need to do on the save?
Thanks again.

What is the error on the default?

Usually you would store the results of a multi drop down in a list field. Using ‘set’.

Hi NIgel,

No error as such, it just won’t let me pick the field name in the default/initial value as the other 15 fields do, so I was thinking it must be something with the way it was storing it. For storing the multidropdown info I just use field = Multidropdown’s value and it writes it in a A,B,C,D fashion into the table. Could you please explain this “set” you mentioned? Intrigued…
It is the only one in the repeating group I am having issues with.


Ah, I think I am picking up on you. I am storing the result in a “text” field.

Worked out the set thing thanks Nigel, still struggling to work out how to set the default. I guess my question is how do you read in a list field?

So the “Default Value” on a mutidropdown is expecting a LIST of FEATURES.

if “Feature List” is not really a list of features, then it will throw an error. A text field is a not a list of features, even thought it will try to help you out by storing them seperated by comas.

To get a single Feature as the default, if it isn’t a list, then add :converted to list after it.

Hear that?/the sound of the penny dropping. Thank you for this. Simple when explained and very much appreciated.

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