Multidropdown (delete tags)


I am writing to seek assistance with a problem I am currently facing on my Bubble app. I have a field called “Transport” in the user data type, which is a list of various transportation options that users can choose from. To allow users to add, edit, and delete this list, I have created a multi-dropdown field in the user settings.

However, I am experiencing an issue where if a user modifies this multi-dropdown field (by deleting an option they previously selected), and then clicks the “Save” button, the delete action does not work.

I have tried a few things to resolve this issue, such as (add list, set list, auto - binding ) , but it has not been successful. I would appreciate it if anyone could provide me with guidance on how to solve this problem, especially with a workflow that allows users to modify and delete their selected options in the multi-dropdown field with just one “Save” button.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your structure not all clear , but you can use state to show in multi-dropdown with each select or add you can add or delete from state.

User’s “transport” should be equals this multi-dropdown value. So when user modifies this multi-dropdown (add or delete tags) current user’s “transport” should be editable. Hope my explanation is clear, thank you for any answers!

Hi there, @nataliiakulagina… I know you said you tried it, but it sounds like making changes to the current user with the change being transport set list multi-dropdown's value should do the trick. What happens when you try that? Can you share some screenshots?