Multi-select dropdown deleting tags

Hello everyone,
I am using the multi-select drop down plugin and I have a question regarding “removing” a tag after it has been “added to a list”.

I have multi-select drop down with static options: Low, Medium, High.

In the database, I have a field called: level- which is a “list”.

In the workflow, I have a simple “add” to list the multi-select drop down value (low, medium, high)

All of this works and the results are saved in the DB


The problem I’m trying to figure out is: Once i click on the “tag” that was added, how come this “tag” isn’t being removed from the list?

Hi @brentparker76 :slight_smile: Try changing the function from ‘add’ to ‘set list’. ‘Add’ will only add the multidropdown’s value to the list field (but never remove any tags from the field). ‘Set list’ will replace the existing field value of tags, with only the remaining, selected multidropdown tags.


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