Multidropdown on focus group bug

I have a focus group with a multi-dropdown inside, the problem is every time I want to remove a tag or select more than one tag, the focus group is closed, even if the click location is inside the focus group…

I’m wondering if someone has faced to the same issue?

Edit: Bubble video player seems broken, you can see here:

as a Workaround, maybe try when multi-dropdown is hovered, focus group is not clickable.

@nocodeventure Was a great idea but just check there’s not “group is not clickable” parameter…

Put a group that covers the entire width inside the focus group or a portion around the multi-dropdown.

It’s still not working.
As you can see the issue only appear with multi-dropdown, but with slider or clickable groups it’s smooth.


Hi, In the past I sent a bug report to Bubble for a very similar situation
They recommend me to use a normal group instead a group focus

Focus group will be very helpful in my case unfortunately I’m afraid to not have the choice here…
Thanks for your answer!

They also suggested me this, that may works to you too:

“I also wanted to follow up in the meantime to suggest some workarounds of how you might achieve a similar effect with a different element. For example, you could create a group with a drop shadow effect, then create a workflow that shows or hides the group once the relevant button is clicked. Alternatively, you might try using a popup to let the user enter information without leaving the page.”

Has someone already found a solution for this?

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