Multidropdown order

Hi, I’m using the Multi-Dropdown plugin by bubble and I was wondering if it’s possible when the user selects multiple options the plugin won’t reorder them like how the option appears in the dropdown

for example, if a user selects option 2 first and then selects option 1, option 1 will show before option 2 [Screenshot attached] so I want if the user selects option 2 then option 1 the plugin will leave it as it is.

Thanks! Screenshot - 7e13b8854261a3421476f31dd565fecc - Gyazo

I don’t think it’s possible to order the selected options in Multidropdown.

If the order is really important to you
then you can create your own multi dropdown using custom states

Selectize dropdown will keep and allow user to reorder selected item
It’s not possible with Bubble one.