Mutiple dropdown insertion order

I hope someone can help me find a solution.
I use multiple dropdown to select medical specialties. My idea is that the first choice is the main specialty, and the subsequent ones are sub-specialties. I then save this selection to a list of text.
However, when I use the multiple dropdown, the insertion order is sorted automatically in alphabet order.
I need to get the insertion order as is, without any sorting, so that I can have by default the first selection as the main specialty. Cardiology is my main specialty.

I appreciate any suggestions or help.

Hi there, @abalgir… can you show the configuration of the multi-dropdown? Where are you getting the choices that appear in it?


Here it is.


Oh, wait… my bad… I didn’t understand what you meant, but now I get it. You want the selected items to appear in the order in which they are selected. Hmm, I’m not sure if that’s possible with the standard multi-dropdown. You might be able to rig something with a custom state or some sort of custom solution altogether or maybe a dropdown-related plugin, but I’m not sure. Sorry about that, but maybe someone else can jump in on this one.

Ok thanks

Did you find a solution to this by the way?

Make your own custom multi-dropdown using repeating groups and custom states. Then you can customize the look and order they are in

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Sounds good, thank you!