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Multidropdwon and display conditions

I have an issue regarding the multidropdown element and RG group.
I have an option set with 3 programs :
Name o the option sets is : “program”
I have 3 attributs : program 1, program 2 and program 3.
Each user when sign up must select their program they are doing.
I created a “blog” part in my app in which ADMIN can create article and decide which program they want the article to be visible (program 1,2,3)
What i’m trying to accomplish is to create a RG in the dashboard of the user he can view only they have to (according to their program when they sign up)
On the repeating group i created a condition (programme = current’s user programme) it does work when i create an article and i select only one program, but when i select 2 programs, the info is deleted from the repeating group.
Is there something i can do ? thanks !

Thanks for posting! Have you inspected the repeating group in the debugger? If you inspect the repeating group in run mode, you’ll be able to find further information about the data source and why it may be that no data is appearing when two are selected. Do let us know if you have any questions about how to interpret your findings.

Hello and thank you for your reply.
After inspecting in fact, I figured out the right condition to apply :wink: thank s!

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