Show Data in RG - based on Multi Dropdown


i want to show Data in a Repeating Group based on a Multi Dropdown selection. I know how to do it with one selection and Do a Search for… “X = Dropdowns Value” but how can i get " = any item which is selected in the dropdown"…


Assuming the multi dropdown content was text you would just choose text as the Type of content for the RG and set the Data Source as Multidropdown A’s value

I do this all over my application. The key is to set your condition to is in (or was it contains? I always get confused. I’ll assume is in from here onwards.)

Instead of key = Multi Dropdown’s value.

Why? When you put =it expects the expression to evaluate to a single item (be it text, number, other data type, etc.). A Multi Dropdown will always evaluate to a list. Even if you select only 1 item, it’s value will be a list with only 1 item.

You might want to check the ignore empty constraints in your search so that the repeating group displays something even if you select nothing in the Multi Dropdown.

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