Multiple choices field type?

Hi. I’m having a problem with my data type.

What if I want to select what type of counselor it is on the back end and only want to show the result on the front end?

So for instance, on the back end, I’d like to define that Counselor A is a listener AND a queer-friendly AND a problem solver type and Counselor B is only a listener.
On the front end, users can see what type the Counselor A and B are.
I’m currently unable to do that with the ‘yes/no’ field type.
Would there be a way to do that?
Thank you

Using an option set will be your best bet.

Create an option set of your counsellor types.

Then add a field on your Counsellor datatype (of the counsellor type options set), and make that field a list.

That solved it :slight_smile: