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Multiple Event Types in Repeating Group


I have in my database a several Event Types:
Event Type 1 - Fields: Tittle, Description, Event Date
Event Type 2 - Fields: Tittle, Description, Event Date
Event Type 3 - Fields: Tittle, Description, Event Date

I need to display them all in “one” repeating group and sort them by Event Date(date and time) for Current User (every user to see events created for him).

For Example:
01.01.2016 09:00 Event Type 1
01.01.2016 09:30 Event Type 2
01.01.2016 10:00 Event Type 1
01.01.2016 10:30 Event Type 3
01.01.2016 13:00 Event Type 1
01.01.2016 16:30 Event Type 3

Anyone with a smart idea?

You might need to structure it so there is only one “event,” bit it has a field called Type. That way you can show all the events together. If I understand correctly, this would require you to restructure your data setup. Maybe there’s another way, but this is what came to mind first.

Thanks for your reply.
To be honest I thought exactly for this scenario but I don’t know how will effect the performance of the app - one type and about 30 fields.