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Possible for a Repeating Group to show mixed table data?

Is it possible to show mixed data within a repeating group?

In this case, I have a table of data for our internal events with specific fields for our internal info. I also have a table for external events which are more generic. Both tables have the usual name, description, image, and date/time though.

On our homepage I’m looking to have a repeating group showing data from both tables (just the name, description etc so data that is in both tables). Is this possible?

This is absolutely possible!

On the data source, at the end of your data source, you should be able to add “:merged with” and select your second data source.

I’m on mobile right now or I’d provide a screenshot. If I’m not mistaken that should work exactly as you intend, unless I’m completely misunderstanding


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Thanks for the quick reply!

I probably wasn’t clear in my post that the 2 type of events have a different type of content (they both have their own table structure). So I don’t even know what to use as the “type of content” for the repeating group. But they both have fields for things like name and description.

What I’m wanting to do is show a single list of events in a repeating group for the combined data from the 2 different types of events.


Hey @richard16 :wave:

That is a common requirement for many apps for sure. :blush:

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but I would recommend having just one dataType since they seem to have similar data structures. I typically use an option set to mark them as internal/external. Then you can filter them based off of the option set if it’s an internal or external event.

Does that make sense? Then you won’t have any issue merging the two lists.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks but apart from the “normal” event data like name, description, and image, the rest of the data is very different so doing it that way seems really inefficient and a bit of a hack.

I’m currently thinking along the lines of a new table type with just the basic info that is populated from both but that also seems a bit inefficient to me :thinking:

Hey @richard16 :wave:

Well, it’s up to you. You know your application better than anyone else. :blush:

Here is another, even more of a hack, way too do it.

You can make the repeating group a type of text. Then you can do a search for both different dataTypes unique ids. These are both a list of texts so it will allow you to do a merge with. Then, within the repeating group cell, you display the data.

I would suggest having two groups where each collapse when hidden. Only display if the data is not empty. Each group you do a search for the dataType’s unique ID. If it has one, display it, if not, hide it.

Does that make sense? :blush: To me, doesn’t seem as efficient, but you can decide. Hope that helps! :blush: Let me know if you need me to set up an example for you.


As another alternative, you can take out the event details from each type and make a new data type called event details. Then make that your new dataType that is the same. Just another option I would throw out there. Not sure if that fits in with what you need though, it might just add more complexity than necessary too. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thanks again for the suggestions. As you say, I just don’t think there’s a nice efficient way to do it so whatever I do will be some form of hack :joy:

I’m going to look at it again properly later today or tomorrow so I’ll let you know how I get on. Thanks again :+1:

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