Multiple file uploads larger than 50 MB each

I’m trying to allow people to upload multiple audio files at once. Each audio file is larger than 50MB. The app is on mobile and the files will most likely be uploaded from dropbox or google drive.

What’s the most seamless way to allow people to do this? Is there a plugin that allows large files to be uploaded and for multiple files to be uploaded at once?

Using an alternative storage provider of course, such as Wasabi, AWS, Google Storage.

Wouldn’t uploading files to an alternative storage provider be the same uploading process on the front end and still need a file uploader element?

The issue I’m running into is allowing a seamless upload process where they can upload multiple large files. Where the files are stored is not really the issue…

Vanilla Bubble file system has a lot of limitations and is VERY expensive. A third party system like Wasabi, AWS, Google Cloud Storage handles lots of large files easily.

cough @redvivi makes plugins for all three of those cough

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How difficult is it to transition from the bubble database to a thrid party after there’s already data stored in the bubble database?

Maybe @redvivi can weigh in but I’m kind of doing the same thing slowly, I know my files are under the plugin’s limit for backend file sizes so I set up a backend API workflow loop through all my datatypes and reupload their files to my Wasabi account instead.

What @tylerboodman said.