How to store >50mb files on third party through zapier?

My users will upload video files that easily exceed the 50mb quota. I wonder how I store these files through Zapier on another cloud storage provider than Box.

Would I still use the file uploader input? I fail to understand how i allow users to select or drop a file into an input that doesnt automatically start uploading the file…

Perhaps a Box plan is the easier way to go… :expressionless:

p.s. any plans to integrate onedrive/dropbox/google drive (esp. onedrive) as a plugin?


Currently files go through Bubble’s backend first, so the 50mb limit is something on our end, which is a bit of a project to change. For a video, you can use the Ziggeo input that lets you upload video files directly to them.

But what if I don’t want to use ziggeo? We’re not just talking about video files.

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Then that’s not something we support yet

I dont understand. You support Box right? I can store more than 50mb files in Box?

There is no way to store files on another platform using Zapier or Blockspring?

Unfortunately that won’t change as it goes through our servers first.

If you upload directly to box it’s a different story, but I doubt that’ll do what you want.

Hm ok, I guess we’ll sign up for Box then! (hope you get a piece of that!)

We don’t (and make sure you got what I meant: the 50mb limit will still be there if you upload from bubble’s app).

So what you’re saying is the ‘upload directly to box’ doesnt work either when you do it through the plugin in Bubble? because of the same 50mb limit?

Yes. What I mean by upload directly to box is to go to their website and upload stuff there.

well yes, but then you could name just any cloud storage provider. What i need is to be able to have clients do it through Bubble. I thought the Box plugin meant you could upload to Box through Bubble. What you’re saying it is actually only sending to Box after it first hits your server with a 50mb limit…

Ziggeo is not really an option as we dont need live video recording, just file storage as the file will be downloaded and evaluated ‘offline’ anyway.

Hm so what other options are available? Embed a file uploader through an iframe? but it would still need to create a thing with some metadata or at least be tied to the current user. Any other creative ideas? :smiley:

Embedding a file uploader won’t give you access to the URL but you can experiment. On our end we looked into it, enabling uploading big files is a major infrastructure project and not an easy fix.

See this [New Feature] [Beta] Large file uploads, we just released a way to go way beyond :slight_smile: