Multiple Netflix-Like Profiles Under One Account

The title almost says it all, but what I’m looking for is to create multiple profiles under one user just like Netflix.

I’m developing a streaming app and got stuck at this part, all I know is I can have a data field that is a list of users, or I can create a family data type that includes multiple users. But then, users would have to use different email and password for each profile and it just seems like I’m missing something important.

Thank you

Here’s what I would look into if I were trying to solve something similar:

Create a new data type ‘Profile’; Profile has a ProfileName and User. In this way, multiple profiles can be created by the same user. In this way, you could expand on the Profile types with additional fields, to control permissions - for example, if you had an option on the Profile called ‘AgeCategory’ with ranges of: ‘0-12’, ‘13-18’, ‘18-35’, etc. You could then use privacy rules and conditions to control what the age ranges can and can’t see.

Would this approach work for your use-case?

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Just curious why you put user on Profile instead of nesting Profiles in user?

I think that could work as well, I like to avoid creating lists defined by users that might grow too large… but in this use case I agree that could work as well.

Yeah the list wont be too large and it allows for more flexibility (e.g., sharing profiles amongst users)

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