Multiple Plugins/Images Not Loading After Avast Outage

Post Avast/AVG issue, some of the plugins are not fully loading and some of my stored images are not loading either. I don’t use many plugins but the Material Icon plugin and the Air Date/Time Picker are two that don’t seem to be working fully. I haven’t looked at any other plugins but both of these point to

I am on a custom domain and this is only happening on my corporate LAN. Accessing the site from a personal computer, I have no problems, but this has not been an issue prior to the earlier outage.

The icons for the material icon plugin just display the name of the icon, not the icon itself.

The Air Date/Time Picker plugin looks like it’s styling won’t load. Just get all the calendar info in a line down the page.

I also see an issue with some of the images stored on AWS not loading. These all point to

You probably know this already, @xstriker14x, but just in case, a forum post probably isn’t what Josh meant when he said to open a bug report if the issue didn’t resolve on its own. If you haven’t done so already, you should file a report here.


Yea, I was mainly just trying to see if this was a me issue or something larger before I went the bug report route. Didn’t want to waste anyone’s time troubleshooting if this is something internal to my corporate LAN.

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