Music player like spotify but with only state and can change page without reset music

Basically this feature like miniplayer in youtube but for music or audio only and i using howler free plugin to play the audio so because plugin is free it mean no dynamic volume adjust and ability to change play time position but if i use howler pro i can make play time position dynamiclly with only using scroll input like i was make in volume adjuster.

Idea of app: Creating a social media based music sharing and selling, event (little bit twitter but merge with spotify)

Note: I develop this app and idea just for creative work, i don’t think to release for commercial use so purpose for me just if any user out there is developing the application like this can find this and maybe solve their problem, and right now i still develop it.

This app using auto login with random account that i made so i can’t see you email in database

Queue without using database so it will speed up load (i guess)
Creating 7 playlist without database
Change page without interupt player
Adjust Volume slider (sometime bug)
Proggress time play (if connection low may have bug because music buffer)
Automatic start play music if there have more than one in queue (only using state)
Library for contain music and only using state so removed if refresh
Auto Login (refresh make trigger auto login again)

Cannot play time
Adjust volume reset music
Adjust speed reset music
Fast foward not work because i forgot to make and remmember it when i write this post

Live : Floatup

Please to do not deploy to Live, you can create save point with your name so its like open source in bubble
Editor : Floatup Editor
Because of human that born in planet namek trolling, editor now only view


I’d love to be part of this, how Do I contribute?

if you have discord you can join it

I have an app similar with functionalities to yours and I would like you to offer me some assistance on how I could get some of my functions to work similar to your.

Would you mind helping me?

Can I please have your DiscordTag?