Music streaming

Hello, Im new here learning. I want to create a music streaming but very simply , no like Spotify. Just a user page, then user check the checkbox of the genres that want to listen and music start playing.

Then on the back the system will grab music from a different files for this I guest we need a java code etc… but also we need like amazon s3 to storage all the music files but not sure how this really works, can somebody point me on the right direction on how I can do this please.

thanks you !!

If you have your files are stored outside Bubble you can get them through the API.

You can then list all the files in a repeating group that you get from the API call. In repeating group’s cell you will have the file and may be an icon to select the file to play for the user.

You will need to create workflow, custom states for storing temporary values where necessary like the value of the current cell’s choice to mark as favorite for users etc.

Thank you Kazimdgoni

I don’t want to list the files , just a player that play the music continuous just like listen a radio station and yes I can think we can just use amazon s3 to storage the files plus I think the is the CloudFront?

Sorry just learning all this but I think I can do it with a little help.