My app keeps refreshing as if I made some changes in the Editor

Hello Bubble Community,

it seems that I cannot use the app as it keeps showing the banner “We just updated this page. Please refresh the page to get the latest version. You will not be able to use the app until you refresh.” although I didn’t change anything in the app.

What I add was adding few workflows into the sign up flow and updated the bubble app to the latest version:

Version :20 → 12/05/2022

You can now change the timezone that is used at input to generate a new absolute time that is stored in your database (through Date-Time Picker or Input). Group Focus is now positioned relative to the reference element including padding and border, rather than overlapping with padding as it did previously – no change will be observed if the reference element has no padding. Note: the experimental feature “Overriding timezones more broadly” will be deprecated with this version.

I tried reverting the the previous bubble versions. Disabling workflows that I added, but it keeps showing the banner. Check for yourselves

What could be the reason?


Are there any issues in your app? I’ve noticed this happening in app when the number of issues is fluctuating.

If so, identify the bugged element and rebuild it.

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Hey man! Thanks for answering!

The issue is magically gone. :thinking:

SUUUPER weird!

Btw how do I check if number of issues is fluctuating?

Hopefully it stays that way!

You’ll see the number of issues fluctuating. Example:

  • Your app shows 6 issues
  • Then is shows 7 without you doing anything.
  • 15s later it’ll show 6 again.
  • etc…

Each time the number of issues changes, the app requires a refresh.

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Ah, got you! This is what you mean. I make sure always to have 0 issues on the app. But it’s indeed a good indicator to use for debugging.

Cheers! Happy Bubbling

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