My app's system-emails via SendGrid lands in spam since switched to own domain

Once i switched the emails to my own domain on send grid, all emails sent to users, for example the “signup confirmation email” is sent to the spam folder

anyone else?

have you set up sendgrid domain authentication?


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Thanks, Let me check it out

So i did the authentication, and it only helped for “email confirmation” to appear in the inbox, but “reset pw” email - for example - still lands in spam, and also i tried to receive to a business email which is based on a host gator domain and emails doesn’t even arrive at all

What does the sendgrid activity report say about why they were not delivered?

I’m having the same problem! I tried to set up my CNAME records to send from but those never got verified - I have no idea why since they were put in correctly.

For the Host don’t copy the sendgrid details you need to drop the domain so it should just be s1._domainkey then the points to has the full name


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