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Sendgrid going to Spam


I used to use the Bubble email with the ‘default’ settings - with custom domain set up, the emails came from [] Emails were consistently delivered to my inbox for several different email addresses during testing.

Now, with Sendgrid, most are going to the Spam folder. Anyone else struggle with this? I’ve gone through their Whitelabel process, and other recommendations.

Note that I am not using the API connector for this - I’m using the Sendgrid plugin.

Thank you,

what did you mean?

I meant the Settings --> Domain & Email --> Email Settings ‘plugin’ or template.


How is your email handle at your end, do you have mailbox provided by an ISP/ ExchangeOnline, or is it Gmail/hotmail etc. or is your local machine or internal mail server

It depends on where in the chain it is being identified as spam.

Drop your domain or IP address (from the message headers) into here:

it might help see where you need to tackle the problem.

If you havent setup White Labeling in Send Grid you may very well get emails landing in spam folders of receivers. To setup white labeling login to SendGrid and go under Account Settings in bottom left of menu. Activate it and it will walk you thru how to set it up.

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I have set up White Labeling for the domain, but not the IP? Have you done both? Or only domain?


Thank you - I will explore this.


I haven’t done both, I would think the white labeling would be enough, but also depends on how and where you host your domain. Ours is a little different as we own our own servers thru Digital Ocean and have our own IP ranges. So we know if any issues on those.

However, we have seen issues where shared hosting, domain registrars do have some blacklist issues on IP ranges. We just had a team mate had an issue with that. Everyone overlooks the simple stuff (I know I do many times) but their IP poole is so large, maybe worth checking.

Especially since you said it worked fine in testing then problem started on live. Seems something in the transition has changed, but think your on the right track for sure to fix!

I am having the same issue here. I’ve updated all my dns records and went through white labeling on send grid but my emails are still going to spam. i’m hoping someone in the community can help

Hey David, can you share how you have SendGrid setup, are you using like a and also you whitelabeled your domain and sending email? Just a little more info and see if we can get you running. Thanks nice to meet ya btw!!

Also to David, if you have everything setup correctly, if you havent already, try to send a test email from sendgrid to an outside email (outside your email app can even work) but I usually send it to a friend or different Macin office. Your email app cache may be storing it as spam after you have fixed it. If that is the issue, marking an email in your mail app (Mark As Not Spam) will help clear that up.

But be careful on that because you dont want it working in your email but no one elses :slight_smile: so test before you do that externally.

whitelabeled domain

whitelabeled email links

Yeah sounds like you may want to try the test to someone else, see if it goes thru, if it does I would mark spam message as NOT SPAM (not screaming just making sure its noticeable :slight_smile: then try it again to your self.

Only other thing would be when did you change the DNS, add the records from send grid? If recent it may take some time for the DNS to resolve.

i just tried sending an email to an address and it was blocked

One sec David, let me do some DNS lookup for ya real quick see if it may be a resolving thing. Be right back with you.

thank you

Ok, on the plugin your using David, (i would have to look at one again we rebooted and about to start another app for real this go round in Bubble) what settings are you using. API or SMTP?

So something we had happen the other day, the SendGrid on a different system would not send and when it did it was spam. We went in and you know the default API key they have you setup during sign up, that one would not work. So we created a brand new API General, Full Access, used that info and worked like a charm. SO just an idea.

Id be happy to look at it if you want me to, wouldnt mind no charge or anything. We know how aggrevating the SMTP API sending thing is. But SendGrid is excellent and easiest by far to setup, so good choice there. Just like everything else, little quirks lol. Let me know, be happy to help.

I had the same problem. You have done everything you could. It just takes a while. Most provider are going to assume no reputation = bad reputation.
I waited two weeks after the whitelisting and now my emails are going through.

ok. do you use sendgrid transactional templates or is it ok to send email through bubble without applying a sendgrid transactional template? does that affect if going to spam or not

Hi there,

I´m having issues with Sendgrid since sometimes I get a “block” in the activity feed so the email is not sent.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Thanks a lot.

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